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Classification “Wanderable Germany”

This certificate confirms that we meet the criteria of the German Hiking Association for quality hosts “Wanderbaren Deutschland”.

Markelsheim hiking map
with suggestions for circular hiking trails

Discover Markelsheim and the surrounding area on foot. The wine town has an extensive network of hiking trails. The tour suggestions on the Markelsheim hiking map show you eleven particularly attractive circular hikes between seven and twenty kilometers.

You will receive a printed copy free of charge from us in-house

Markelsheim educational wine trail

The educational wine trail leads us to the vineyards above Markelsheim. 30 information boards explain regional viticulture and explain the local grape varieties from Riesling to Tauberschwarz. We enjoy the wonderful panoramic view over the Taubertal and around Bad Mergentheim.

Wine hikes in Markelsheim

Guided hikes with the vintners through the vineyards or on the wine trail, also in connection with a wine tasting and Vespers in the vineyard are possible.

You will learn everything you need to know about the different types of wine and cultivation techniques.
Rest areas with a beautiful view of the Taubertal invite you to linger under the open sky.

Further information is available from:

Weingärtner Markelsheim eG
Scheuerntorstraße 19
97980 Bad Mergentheim-Markelsheim
Tel. 07931 / 90 60-0

Weingut Friedrich Gundling
Apfelbacher Straße 3
97980 Markelsheim
Tel. 07931 / 42 56 2

Weingut Braun
Hausbrennerei und Weinstube
Sonja und Erhard Braun
Scheuerntorstraße 20
97980 Markelsheim
Tel.: 07931 – 4 48 78

Wine Tours

Wine guide Middle Taubertal

Conny Lehr
Bachgasse 3
97980 Bad Mergentheim-Markelsheim
Tel. 07931 / 2959
E-Mail: kontakt@jakobshof-lehr.de

Hannelore Müh-Mainos
Dr. Schier-Str. 46
97980 Bad Mergentheim
Tel. 07931 / 51214
E-Mail: mainos51@yahoo.de

Marianne Nörpel
Steigstr. 4
97999 Igersheim-Neuses
Tel. 07931 / 45385
E-Mail: marianne.noerpel@web.de

Helmut Fischer
Konrad-Adenauerstr. 3
97980 Bad Mergentheim
Tel. 07931 / 42287
E-Mail: h-fischer-sav@web.de

Wine Experience Hikes in The Lovely Taubertal

Wine adventure hikes in the lovely Taubertal
Wine adventure hikes as PDF

Circular Hikes around Bad Mergentheim

Circular hikes around Bad Mergentheim

Circular Hikes in the Taubertal

The 30 circular hiking tours lead you through the picturesque landscape, to hidden beauties and romantic places in the “Lovely Taubertal“.
Two tours also lead to the neighboring regions of Hohenlohe and Odenwald.
A starting point is indicated for each tour. Of course, you can also start the tour in any other town or municipality along the route.
There are places to stop for a break in almost all places. For more information (days off, opening times, etc.), please contact us in advance.

The circular hiking trails are sorted from north to south:
Wanderung LT 1 – Zu den Heunesteinen (Ausgangsort Freudenberg)
Wanderung LT 2 – Qualitätsweg Romantisches Wildbachtal (Ausgangsort Boxtal)
Wanderung LT 3 – Wein und Glaube (Ausgangsort Wertheim)
Wanderung LT 4 – Schönert (Ausgangsort Külsheim)
Wanderung LT 5 – Ins Erfatal (Ausgangsort Steinfurt)
Wanderung LT 6 – Wasser.Wein.Weite. (Ausgangsort Külsheim)
Wanderung LT 7 – Muschelkalk und Orchideen (Ausgangsort Werbach)
Wanderung LT 8 – Ins Welzbachtal (Ausgangsort Großrinderfeld)
Wanderung LT 9 – Über das hohe Bild zur Schutzengelkapelle (Ausgangsort Königheim)
Wanderung LT 10 – Distelhäuser Bierwanderweg (Ausgangsort Distelhausen)
Wanderung LT 11 – Zum Doppeloktogon (Ausgangsort Großrinderfeld)
Wanderung LT 12 – Bildstöcke und Wegkreuze (Ausgangsort Gerchsheim)
Wanderung LT 13 – Kloster, Kirchen, Fachwerk (Ausgangsort Grünsfeld)
Wanderung LT 14 – Südlicher Kapellenrundwanderweg (Ausgangsort Unterwittighausen)
Wanderung LT 15 – Durch den Bürgerwald ins Wolfental (Ausgangsort Bad Mergentheim)
Wanderung LT 16 – Durchs Ursbachtal (Ausgangsort Schweigern)
Wanderung LT 17 – Kur und Wein (Ausgangsort Bad Mergentheim)
Wanderung LT 18 – Rund um den Tauberberg (Ausgangsort Markelsheim)
Wanderung LT 19 – Grünkern und Streuobstwiesen (Ausgangsort Eubigheim)
Wanderung LT 20 – Herbsthäuser Bierwanderweg (Ausgangsort Herbsthausen)
Wanderung LT 21 – Zum Jagsttalblick (Ausgangsort Assamstadt)
Wanderung LT 22 – Edelobst und Wein (Ausgangsort Assamstadt)
Wanderung LT 23 – Renaissance und Steinriegel (Ausgangsort Weikersheim)
Wanderung LT 24 – Vorbach (Ausgangsort Niederstetten)
Wanderung LT 25 – Sonnenuhren und Brücken (Ausgangsort Röttingen)
Wanderung LT 26 – Zur St. Kunigunde (Ausgangsort Bieberehren)
Wanderung LT 27 – Hasennestle und keltisches Oppidum (Ausgangsort Archshofen)
Wanderung LT 28 – Tilman Riemenschneider und Münsterseen (Ausgangsort Creglingen)
Wanderung LT 29 – Geschichte pur (Ausgangsort Rothenburg o.d.T.)
Wanderung LT 30 – Bierwanderweg Landwehr-Bräu (Ausgangsort Reichelshofen)

Panorama Trail "Lovely Taubertal"

Fantastic hiking from Rothenburg ob der Tauber to the adjacent Main Valley to Freudenberg am Main with various special tours. History, adventure and silence. Experience it.
Around 133 km of adventure hiking through the “Liebliche Taubertal” and the adjoining Main Valley from Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Freudenberg am Main. The hiking trail has been recognized by the German Hiking Association as a “quality trail for hiking in Germany”.

Jacob's Trail

The holiday landscape “Liebliches Taubertal” offers a multitude of works of art that are reminiscent of St. James and can be hiked on the Jakobsweg Odenwald-Main-Taubertal.
Numerous depictions of St. James in the most varied of forms are waiting to be discovered in magnificent churches, picturesque half-timbered villages and pristine nature.
Take your time to enjoy the wonderful landscape of the Taubertal with its numerous sights. Recharge your batteries and treat yourself to a break from everyday life on your own pilgrimage.

Meditation Walking

The meditative hiking offer in our holiday landscape includes nine routes that lead to sacred buildings or monuments. In churches, chapels or at wayside shrines, you can take your time to pause for a while. In some places there are guest books in which personal thoughts can be recorded. The meditation paths LT-M1 to LT-M9 should consciously contribute to relaxation and reflection. Take your time and enjoy nature and meditative impressions.
The respective route, the sacred and natural highlights of the individual hikes as well as appropriate sayings that stimulate thought can be found in the brochure or by clicking on the respective hike. The LT-M6 was recognized by the German Hiking Association as a “quality trail for hikers in Germany”.

Guided Walks

Here you will find a list of the contact persons and contact details for “guided hikes” in the Taubertal.

Long-distance Hiking Trails

This tourist route is a route for connoisseurs, gourmets and culture lovers. It meanders through the most famous wine-growing regions in Württemberg. A delicious drop grows everywhere. From Weikersheim in the Taubertal to Metzingen on the edge of the Swabian Alb or vice versa, sporting activities and wine enjoyment can be combined.

Everyone knows the Romantic Road, this unbroken series of romantic places and landscapes between Würzburg and Füssen, the Main Valley and the foot of the Alps. The new 500 km long long-distance hiking trail does not lead on trunk roads (where it is possible – asphalt can no longer be completely avoided these days) but on forest and field paths, corridor access routes, in cities if possible on footpaths and always right through the city centers – because what is hiking for one on a “Romantic Road”, if one does not get to know the romance of the old towns between Würzburg and Füssen, Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Augsburg, Creglingen and Dinkelsbühl, old imperial cities like Donauwörth, aristocratic cities like Schillingsfürst, cities of the knightly order like Bad Mergentheim and residences like Wallerstein?

The European long-distance hiking trail E8 runs from Dursey Head in Ireland, through England, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania to Mezek in Bulgaria near the border with Turkey. In total, it has a length of over 4000 km. Over 1500 km of the long-distance hiking trail lead through Germany.

Themed Trails and Nature Trails in the Vicinity

Length: 2.57 km / Duration: 0:43 h / Difficulty: easy
Walking and thinking – you can do that particularly well on the Philosophenweg in Bad Mergentheim. 20 boards with wisdom give food for thought along the way. In addition, the hiker can look forward to the beautiful view of the city.

Length: 5.61 km / Duration: 1:30 h / Difficulty: easy – In the footsteps of the Swabian poet

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Purity Law, the “Liebliches Taubertal” tourist association has developed a circular beer trail around the Distelhäuser Brewery, Herbsthäuser Brewery and Landwehr-Bräu.
The paths are well signposted and lead, starting in the locality of the brewery in question, into nature and the landscape. On mostly natural paths, the hiker passes crucifixes and beautiful nature and can enjoy the view and tranquility over a distance of 8 to 11 km. Then you can stop off at the brewery in question to taste the beer specialties and fortify yourself with regional dishes.

See – understand – receive
There is a lot to discover in the cultural landscape of the Vorbach valley. Nature is still intact, the interplay between plants, animals and the environment is impressively diverse. The varied landscape with its orchards, dry lawns, stone bars, stream meadows and the beautiful castle forest invites walkers to carefully inspect all their secrets. This is exactly the opportunity the nature trail, laid out as a 4.5 km long circular route, offers you. An old saying goes: “You only see what you know”. 34 boards with hand-colored pictures and an informative text impressively show the diversity and beauty of the Vorbachtal landscape. At the same time they awaken awareness of the importance and necessity of environmental protection. Individual objects as well as entire living spaces are explained.

At each planetary station, the data and facts of the respective planet can be read on an information board. Take your time and stroll through the solar system. Starting at the sun, you will march past the planets at 5 times the speed of light and after about 1 billion kilometers you will approach the observatory, which is located between Jupiter and Saturn.

Röttingen rightly bears the nickname “City of Sundials“. On the 2-kilometer circular route with 26 sundials, you can take a closer look at the timepieces or even study how they work.

The Jewish cultural trail Hohenlohe – Tauber connects places with a Jewish history that have been networked with each other and thus give the region a special accent.
One aim is to present the memory of the past and the interdependence of the Christian and the Jewish population in the region. In authentic places, people and their fates are pointed out in order to keep them from being forgotten.

Meditative / spiritual hiking experience through the Jagsttal to 45 gems
16 round trips between 3 and 27 km in the municipalities
Schöntal | Krautheim | Dörzbach | Mulfingen | Langenburg

Transport and Transfer

Markelsheim has its own train station. All hiking stages can be shortened by using the train or the regional bus connections or enable you to return to the starting point.

More information at www.vrn.de and www.bahn.de.


If you want to put your route together yourself, the online route planner from komoot offers its support.

or use the tour planner of the “Lovely Taubertal”