The provisions of the General Terms and Conditions apply:
Should the bindingly confirmed booking (also by telephone or short-term bookings) – for whatever reason – be canceled, we will endeavor to broker the room (s) or holiday apartment.

If we succeed, you will not incur any costs. Should this not be successful, 80% of the original booking will be charged. The same applies to no-shows, late arrivals or early departures.

However, we will endeavor to broker the room elsewhere and to keep the cancellation fee as low as possible or to avoid it entirely.
We recommend you get travel cancellation insurance.
In the case of a group booking, our contact and contractual partner is always the client. He is therefore also liable for his fellow travelers.

Unfortunately it is more and more common that rooms or holiday apartments are booked well in advance and thus “blocked” for other guests and then canceled or partially canceled at short notice. As a “small” hotel guesthouse we have big problems with that. For further inquiries we have to cancel other guests and then we have accommodations available again. The rooms can usually no longer be recruited at short notice. This then leads to failure or cancellation costs.

Cycling or hiking in the rain is not necessarily fun – we understand that. Unfortunately, nobody can do anything about the weather. That is why we cannot accept “fair weather bookings”. Our request: Please only book your room in advance if it is definitely certain that you will really come in any weather. There are also interesting leisure activities in the Taubertal for rainy weather! If you want to make your booking dependent on the weather, then call us at short notice as soon as you can assess the weather situation.

Thank you for your understanding!

We are aware that if you organize a group trip, it is not always easy to get all the men under one roof. Nevertheless, we ask that you also make fellow travelers aware that only the number of accommodations that is really definitely and bindingly required is booked.
Should it happen that a group member cannot arrive after all – then please inform us immediately so that we can possibly pass on the room to someone else and there are no costs.

Thank you for your understanding!