The state-approved resort and wine village of Markelsheim is located
in the middle of the “Lovely Taubertal”
on the “Romantic Road”
and “Württemberger Wine Road”
and is a district of the world-famous spa Bad Mergentheim.

The mix of tradition, customs, culture, history, nature and viticulture combined with Tauber Franconian hospitality and rural cosiness, cultivated gastronomy and a wide range of leisure activities make up the special charm of the idyllic wine village. Start from here on your cycling and hiking adventure tours and go on a journey of discovery to the diverse cultural assets and gems of the lovely Taubertal and the surrounding area.

Wine place Markelsheim

Spa and medicinal bath Bad Mergentheim

The lovely Taubertal holiday region

Franconian wine country holiday region

Tourist route Romantic Road

Tourist route Württemberger Wine Road