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Internet column Dr. med. Hans-Peter Legal

Hotel pension / guest house “Birgit” (Bad Mergentheim-Markelsheim) – “The sample of a pleasure is its memory” (Jean Paul)

The old Swedish saying goes: “Hospitality is the art of getting visitors to stay without preventing them from leaving”. This sentence could be of importance here.

It is the small wine village on the Romantic Road, which has entered into an ideal symbiosis with the well-known spa and medicinal bath. As the ancient philosopher Confucius rightly said: “Nature creates nothing without meaning”. Not everyone is allowed to spend their holidays here. More and more often the realization is gaining ground that you can spend the most beautiful days of the year in your own country, more or less at home. Anyone who likes to hike or cycle and also want to enjoy good Franconian food and fine wine can free themselves from everyday stress.

But it doesn’t always have to be a monstrous hotel. The guest house “Birgit” with its personal charm and individual care can also be recommended to discerning travelers. One would expect H. Hesse to say: “Here you are at home, we welcome you with open arms and hearts and you will part as a friend”. Lovely hosts are those “lateral entrants” Martin and Birgit Beck, who run this best-run domicile with a lot of passion, a healthy sense of proportion and perfectionist creativity.

The connoisseur sees it immediately: A little proof are those guest fever that even a 5-star world hotel could not design better. You get the feeling that a friendly wink is enough to turn wishes into action. That dream view of endless vineyards, the absolute order and cleanliness, are captivating. The best thing is to visit this nice “Beckspaar” yourself – it’s always worth it. Perhaps you will also run into Filius Felix, who is currently busy with other tasks.

Birgit`s breakfast buffet is of a high standard. Only fresh products, of top quality and if possible from the region, are served to the guests. The other meals are best taken at Heinrich Gruber`s Weinlauben Restaurant “Schurk”.

All rooms or lounges in the “Birgit” are solid to classy, ​​timeless, cozy and partly equipped with design elements. By the way, there is a fair price / performance ratio. How did Goethe rightly say: “Here I am a person, here I can be”. It is understandable that this attractive domicile has many regular guests. But you can also ideally combine vacation and business. Giacomo Leopardi always said: “The world belongs to those who enjoy it”. There is nothing to add.

Dr. med. Hans-Peter Legal